Discover the Iris Scanner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in depth

Unveiled at the beginning of the month, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features a new exciting feature : an Iris Scanner. This new feature is essential to help users to keep their personal data safe. The Iris Scanner completes other Samsung’s security features like the fingerprint scanner and the Knox security platform. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner has

Discover Java 9 Top 5 Features

After some delays, Java 9 should be released in March 2017 with a lot a various new features. In this article, we let you to discover the Top 5 of new features expected with Java 9. 1. Java comes modular with Jigsaw Expected since Java 7, the project Jigsaw should become a reality with Java

Discover the latest info on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

With the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung has found the path to success in 2016. Now, it’s time to prepare the following and to anticipate the iPhone 7 that will be announced in September. To fight against the next flagship from Apple, Samsung has planned a Galaxy Note Unpacked event on August 2, 2016.

Create your first JNI Application on Android with the NDK

Like you must know, Java is the default programming language to make applications on Android. However, Java is not always the best solution for making fast apps, especially if you want to make games. A lot of games’ engines are made directly with C/C++. To let developers to make optimized part of codes in C/C++,

Rediscover classical Othello Reversi game on Android

Today, games are always more complex and powerful with great effects. However, sometimes it’s great to rediscover classical game and have fun with. Othello Reversi is an old school board game that demands a lot of strategy. Now, you can enjoy Othello Reversi with Ultimate Reversi a free implementation available on the Google Play Store

Learn to create a Countdown Timer on Android

Sometimes, when you make Android applications, you need to create a countdown. It can be useful in a board game for example if the player have a defined time to play. A lot of solutions exist to create a countdown in Java. Some are more complex than other. On Android, the SDK offers to developers

Learn to handle Multi-Touch Gestures on Android

In standard, the Android View class support touch events. It lets you to make applications that react to touch events in your activities. Even better, Android supports multi-touch in standard via the Android View class. To be more concrete, a multi-touch gesture is when a user touches the screen with multiple fingers at the same

How to retrieve an Unique ID to identify Android devices ?

Some developers can need an Unique ID to identify Android devices. Use cases where developers need this Unique ID are multiples. For example, when you want to : identify an Android user to store games scores on a server track apps installation generate DRM for copy protection. Several solutions exist but none is perfect. In

Follow Euro Football 2016 in France on Android !

Euro Football 2016 in France will start tomorrow. During one month, all the Football’s fans are going to follow the most important competition by teams in Europe. Who will succeed to Spain ? Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and France are amongst the main favorites in a very open tournament. As a Football’s fans, you would

What’s the difference between Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear Fit ?

Last week, Samsung has just launched a new wearable, the Gear Fit 2, a new wrist-worn fitness tracker which combines the best bits of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. The Gear Fit 2 is an attractive new product that brings a lot of improvements to its predecessor the Samsung Gear Fit. Launched two years